Bumble and Bumble- A Curly Girl’s Friend

I used Bumble and Bumble products a few years ago, and remember everyone asking me how I got my hair to “curl like that.” Of course, my hair has been in natural corkscrew curls since I was ten years old (somehow before that my hair was only waves). After switching to DevaCurl products for over a year, I felt my hair was too used to it and was becoming brittle. I highly recommend trying DevaCurl products if you have naturally curly hair. I made the choice to switch back to Bumble and Bumble products and I now remember why I was so happy with them.

The Bumble and Bumble leave in (rinse out) conditioner is one way to make dry hair very happy. With this product you have the choice to leave it in or rinse it out, and since my hair does not get weighed down easily I always use it as a leave in. I’ve had several people tell me since using this “your hair looks…I don’t know…happy!” and it is. When my hair is happy, usually I’m quite happy along with it, instead of losing a battle to frizz and too much pouf.

What is almost as bad as frizz and pouf is scraggly curls. Okay sure, my hair has bounce. Any curly girl knows that they don’t wash their hair to get rid of oil ( more oil please)- we wash our hair to reform the curls. One too many days and nights, and having hair up, and hair down, and sleeping on it, and going to the gym, makes curls look scraggly. Bumble and Bumble curl conscious curl defining creme tightens up my locks to get the bounce back in it. I’ve had a few hairdressers at the store where I purchase my products ask me why in the world I would want the defining creme with corkscrews like mine, shouldn’t I want the calming creme instead? The truth is, my hair looks better the tighter the curls are. Anything designed to lengthen the curls creates my number 5000 pet peeve when it comes to curly hair: the scraggles!!

So let’s be honest here, in order to keep my hair happy, over washing must be avoided. I try my best to avoid washing my hair more than twice a week. One of those washes I have added the curl conscious nourishing masque as my conditioner, and I leave it in for approximately 7 to ten minutes. As soon as I rinse it out my hair feels smooth and much less tangled.

There we have it, my current secret to happy, bouncy curls. I’ve added a couple of pictures and please be patient- I plan on learning how to improve my photography skills ASAP.ImageImage

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